Moonwind is a best of poetry compilation from Craig Gilbert. It covers favourite poetry from Craig’s former books, and also includes several new poems as part of this release.

Here is the poem ‘Moonwind’ from the book:

The eternal night, quiet, unblinking,
faces the moonwind –
and there, suddenly,
lies a cacophony of sound,
of leaves and trees creaking
as essences of the ether
Whirl through the wooded glade,
the spirits of dreams,
of old mystics and ancient words,
timeless, come to greet the present moment,
whipped up in a frenzy of spiralling dandelion seeds,
to dance and murmur their existence,
before lying back to the calm earth.
An owl hoots, and a flutter
of wings echoes in the awakening dark,
just before a stream of
skittering moonlight floods the trees,
silhouettes and shadows
emerging from the deep.
Transfixed by the sight of circular clarity,
the craters of the face scatter all thoughts
to one, bold singularity:
This is the moment,
this is the event,
this is where breath takes form and
urges onward, to change,
to manifest new horizons,
to connect in wonderment,
to banish all fears;
a pure, untarnished love of being.

(c) Craig Gilbert 2016/2017

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