A Wizard’s Tears – limited 1st edition

A Wizard's Tears 1st Edition

A Wizard’s Tears (1st Edition) is Craig Gilbert’s first fantasy novel.  It is the first of a proposed trilogy, set in the mystical world of Elrohen.

‘A Wizard’s Tears’, Craig’s first fantasy novel, is a powerful tale of a sorcerer discarded by his own Gods, sent into exile onto a different world. What does it mean, to be evil? This book answers that question, in an action adventure that moves fast with high emotions.

This is a limited edition as A Wizard’s Tears is now available as a 2nd edition on Amazon; however this is the only place you’ll get the original book. As it’s the 1st edition, we’ve reduced the price of the book to just £5 (plus P&P)

This book is now being revamped into a 3rd edition, which will become available on this site in the future, as a linking part of the Elrohen fantasy trilogy, continuing on with Vol 2: The Dark Shores, and Vol 3: Snowfall.

Click here to check out the Amazon 2nd Version of this book (also on Kindle)