Writing ‘The White Fox’

Draft part of ‘The White Fox’

I’m writing again! Wonderful. Only, I have around 12 book projects. How can I have so much going on in my brain and how do I get this all out there? What am I even doing all of this for?

These are all good questions. I’ve always had an urge ‘to write’, whatever that means, and so when my mind is quiet and peaceful enough, I can sit down and start jotting stuff down, like this extract here for one of my 12 projects: ‘The White Fox’ (the sequel to ‘The Black Tree’).

I used to have a lot of energy behind the writing. I had visions of becoming a world-famous author, or selling millions of copies, getting my latest novel as a film etc. This has changed over the years, and now these kind of pursuits don’t fill me with the same joy.

In fact, I’d go as far to say, they were taking away my joy of simply just writing. Whenever there’s a goal, a target, we often get disappointed if we don’t reach it, and a lot of my goals (world famous?) were setting the bar pretty high for disappointment. Far better these days for me to grace the pen and paper together, or keyboard and words together, to create…something.

So, why create?

Well, why does a flower create colourful blooms? Why does a tree drop its leaves in winter?

I write to write. It’s actually quite therapeutic, and downloads a lot of ‘mind/head stuff’ onto the page, and the fact I do this in a ‘trickster’ way of pouring this stuff into characters, fantasy worlds and faeries, well…that’s my nature.

I’ll probably produce the books, as I’ve done before, the majority self-published, as I love to share work with others – indeed, I’m happy if my words connect to another’s soul, and give them something to think about, or transform in themselves. Maybe that’s the point…sharing wisdom so others can heal themselves.

Or maybe the point is just to write, that there is no point – but what else would I be doing with my time? It certainly gives me joy, and that can be no bad thing.

Craig Gilbert