What to expect from ScaryMe in 2020

What to expect from ScaryMe in 2020

2020 promises to be an exciting year for ScaryMe and EnoughK books.

ScaryMe is planning to release some new Glenn Falconer books, one of which is called ‘The Newton’, which is a scary story related to the small village of Newton of Falkland, and a sequel of sorts to ‘In the Village of the Moon’ which was about Falkland.

Our author Craig Gilbert is also developing five book projects for EnoughK books, which will all become available here, and also on Kindle e-books.

The first book is the sequel to ‘The Black Tree’, continuing the Dark Faerie Trilogy, with ‘The White Fox’. Following the events of ‘The Black Tree’, Anouska and Matt buy a home together in the village of Falkland. After two years of calm, Matt again is disturbed by visions from the other side. On a planned survey of the Lomond Hills, Matt discovers the faeries have returned, and this time they seek the artefact known as the Brondask, a circular ring that will grant them the power to create their own portals at will. Matt is forced to travel to the Isle of Bute to seek out this Brondask; but can he avert the faeries’ possession of the item?

The next two books are ‘A Wizard’s Tears (3rd edition) and ‘The Dark Shores’, which is the follow up to ‘A Wizard’s Tears’, and these form the first two books of The Elrohen Trilogy, based on the fantasy world of Elrohen. Craig wanted to re-write passages of ‘A Wizard’s Tears’ in order to tie in with the sequel, and also add a bit more depth to the characters. Complete with new cover art, these books will become available soon.

Finally, Craig is writing a book about mindfulness, and this will become our first ‘self-help’ book available, based on a 10 week mindfulness course Craig runs in his day job. Together with another poetry book ‘Poems about Zen’ and a set of mindfulness practice cards, Craig hopes this will form another ‘kind of’ trilogy, although not all in book format!

In order to pave the way for these new titles, we are offering our other books for sale at a reduced price. Please check out the poetry books on our site: A Gathering of Wings, Moonwind and also A Wizard’s Tears (1st Edition).

Thank you for your support, here’s to some fantastic reading this year!