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(Optimistic Vision, Metaphor, Delusion?)

Envisioning an alternative publishing model is our response to the overwhelming urge we feel to contribute positively to bringing about a different world. It represents a sacred acorn of an idea; a notion that each author might decide for themselves how many book sales is ‘enough’ for them, before they publish. Everyone’s answer to the question of how much is enough will be different. It’s a good question to be asking. We hope the idea will spread. We hope that people in all walks of life will ask themselves before they launch any new venture: “How much will be enough for me, and what would I do, if I exceed that need?” We feel a more sustainable, equitable world exists over the horizon. We can’t see it yet, but we know it’s there.

We see a ceaseless striving towards growth in the world, always towards more that somehow leads to less. We sense that we might (in our lifetimes) outgrow this planet of ours, or at least our ability for the majority of us to live harmoniously on it. We struggle with the logic of adding another book to the billions already available. “Stop buying books. No, hang on, just buy one more. Buy our book”.

Have we written and published this book with the intention of getting a copy into every household on the planet? No, we haven’t. Then how many books do we want to sell?? 100, 1,000, 10,000, 100,000? How many sales would make us feel it was worth it, this enterprise of making a living as creative people? Exactly how much do we need to earn to support ourselves? We’ve come up with an answer to that question, and whilst it might change over time, we’ve set our target at 10,000 sales per title. If we exceed our expectations, we’ll set up a foundation to support the work of poets, writers and other starving creatives. 100,000 sales for each title would cover that. We dream there would someday be a creative element at every conference across the land. It would be nice to do something about that. A vision of abundance for all.

So, here is the Ek Publishing pledge; to only sell enough thousands of books to cover the author’s needs.  Every hold it in your hand book sold will be numbered by hand, and when the author’s target is reached, the counter will stop.

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